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Why Buy from Us?

There are several really good reasons why you should buy from Extreme-Mods.com instead of the other retailers on the internet and we'll go through them one by one to give you an idea why we are the best place to shop for all your video game console modding and personalization needs.

1. Top Notch Service & Great Support - Simply said we provide top notch service to all our customers and great support after the sale. We are a group of people who not only sell these items but also use many of them on a daily basis. We can provide you with the insight you need to modify your console to your tastes. From case mods to controller mods and more we can help you make the best decisions on whatever you wish to modify or personalize.

2. Based in the USA - We are a company based in the good old USA, not too many other companies can make such a claim in this industry. Most companies are located overseas or north of the border, all of which add to the cost of shipping, import duties and time it takes for you to get what you ordered. In fact we are located in Sterling, Illinois, which is right smack dab in the middle of the country, so no matter where you are located we can get you the items you need quickly and efficiently. For example if you were located on the east coast and ordered from a company on the west coast it could take a week or longer for your order to arrive, from Illinois it would only take usually 3-4 days, which means you can start and finish your project sooner and begin showing off your work that much quicker.

3. We import Direct from the Manufacturers on a Regular Basis - This doesn't sound like a big deal but trust us when we say it is. We import the items direct from the manufacturer so the items you order aren't being shipped all over the place from one warehouse to another and being bumped and bruised along the way. This also means if an item does arrive damaged or defective, you can send it back to us for a replacement. That way you don't have to try and track down the manufacturer and send items overseas to be replaced, just ship them back to us and we'll take care of it for you!

And by us importing these items regularly, it means that when we do run short on any particular item(s) they are never on backorder for long. No more waiting weeks on end to get your order, we have stock trucks arriving weekly with new fresh stock direct from the manufacturers.

As a side benefit it also means you will always be getting the latest and greatest. Sometimes manufacturers make changes in their products and don't announce it to the public because alot of old stock is still out in the market waiting to be sold. Due to the fact we are always getting in new shipments if a change is made we will demand the latest versions for our customers. Not too many other places will do this, in fact many do the opposite and try to get a discount on the older left over stock just to make a few extra bucks on its unsuspecting customers. We don't believe in these types of deceptive practices and only sell the latest version of everything we have to offer.

4. We Support the Scene - Often times companies just take from the industry and don't give much back, which creates a one way flow of money out of the industry. But we on the other hand support a multitude of groups, blogs, forums, websites, magazines, clans, etc. to help keep the industry alive and to keep new customers discovering the great products and services we have to offer. We are very grateful to all the supporters of our website and will continue to give back whenever possible, this type of attitude helps keep the industry thriving and the manufacturers developing new products for everyone to enjoy.

5. We are Hardcore Gamers Too! - Everyone who works at our company is an avid hardcore gamer and has been for a very long time. We don't just employ casual gamers, we like to be surrounded by people who have been gaming for most of their lives. We like to talk about gaming and we like to enjoy the very same products we offer for sale on our website. This is what has kept us around for such a long time and why we will continue to thrive in this competitive industry. We think of new ideas to promote our website, products and services based on what we've experienced in the past, this is why the overall feel and look of our website is familiar and easy to use. Many of us shop online for most of the items we use on a daily basis, so we know what a good and easy to navigate website feels like. We have done everything possible to bring that same experience to our customers through our own website and shopping cart and will continue to evolve as the internet changes through the years ahead of us.

6. Competitive Pricing - We shop our competition on a regular basis to get an overall feel for the pricing available around the internet. If we are a tad to high on something we adjust it, if we are low on something we try to make that known to our customers that we are the best price for that particular product. 95% of the time we are very competitive on pricing and the other times when we are higher there is usually a reason for the price difference. Whether it be because our competition is selling older stock that is no longer being manufactured or older versions of the items that are not up to date, or by simply using deceptive practices such as inflated shipping rates. These are all factors that a normal customer may not be able to see just by visiting a website but if we are more expensive on a particular item then chances are one of the aforementioned reasons is probably the cause. Sure you think you are saving a few bucks until once you reach the checkout you find out their shipping is $10-20 more than everybody else is, or upon delivery you find the item is not the same color or condition as the photo they provided. These are all sure fire indicators that they fooled you into thinking they were providing a better price when in fact they were "pulling the wool over your eyes". We don't believe in these types of practices. We charge what we need to keep our business operating the same way it has since the beginning. We pay a certain price for the goods (as most places do) and charge a modest markup to cover the expenses of keeping inventory, management, paying bills, etc. We don't price gouge on anything we sell, we simply charge what we need to cover expenses. This keeps our pricing in line with our competition and keeps our customers coming back for more, year after year! We offer straight forward honest pricing and we deliver the latest goods at the best price possible, its as simple as that!

7. Security - We take security seriously and realize that security on the internet is a must. There is so many examples of people getting their identity stolen from online merchants that simply do not have the appropriate security in place to make sure the people trusting them with their important information do not have their data compromised. So many of our competitors use cheap open source shopping carts that do not have the latest updates and therefore are open books to any hacker or wannabe script kiddie with the right tool to view all their customers important information at will. You can do a simple search in google and find numerous tools to help those inclined to gain unauthorized access to shopping carts that are not very well protected. We on the other hand use a shopping cart that is top-of-the-line and very expensive to use and operate. It is hosted with RackSpace which is known for being ultra secure as well as being manned 24 hours a day by well trained security specialists that are constantly monitoring the activity of their servers to be sure nothing is compromised. The shopping cart software itself is leased from a company who puts security at its highest priority and is constantly updating their shopping cart with the latest patch's to be sure hackers do not stand a chance against their closed source software. Being closed source has a big advantage over any open sourced shopping cart, as the files themselves are not viewable to anyone who does not have the source code, thus making hacking virtually impossible.

We also use Authorize.Net to process all credit card transactions through our website. They are the leading 3rd party credit card processor on the internet and have been around a very long time. They have very strict rules they abide by and your credit card information is not stored on their servers. Once you click "submit" your credit card information goes directly to Authorize.Net via a secured 128bit SSL connection and gets authorized. After your card is authorized for the amount you agreed to pay your information is deleted immediately and then you get sent back to our website where you will see the "Thank you for your order" page. This way there is no way for your information to get stolen and your credit card information is safe from thieves. The only disadvantage to using this method is the next time you order you will need to supply your credit card information again, but this is hardly an issue considering the added security this method utilizes.

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