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Playstation 4 / PS4 Rapid Fire Ragnarok Installation Service

Part Number 5510
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Playstation 4 / PS4 Rapid Fire Ragnarok Installation Service
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Questions about this item? Be the first to ask here. Questions about this item? Be the first to ask here.
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Alert! Expensive Modded Rapid Fire Controllers are now obsolete! The Titan One replaces all rapid fire controllers with one small plug and play device. This means you don't need to void your warranty or pay high prices for a special purpose controller. Just buy the Titan One and you are set. When a new game comes out just download the Game Pack and you are good to go! Plus it's compatible with most consoles (Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4) and has more mods than all the modified controllers combined!

And that's not all. There are so many features that they cannot be listed here, please visit the Titan One product page to learn more about this amazing device and never buy another expensive rapid fire / turbo controller again!

Some Features Include: 
- Script and Macro Support - Create your own mods and keep them to yourself or share them with the community!
- Button Remapping - Are you left handed? Do you want to use the triggers or bumpers to fire? Just remap the buttons and you are done!
- Free Game Packs - When a new game comes out just download the Game Pack for it and you now have access to all the features of a specially modded controller for that game. No more expensive outdated controllers!
- Easy to Use - Just load up the Game Pack(s) via Gtuner Pro software and you have a fully modded controller!
- Keyboard & Mouse Support - The Titan One allows you to connect your Keyboard and Mouse for use on your console. Old school FPS lovers rejoice!
- Cross Over Controller Support - Want to use your Xbox One controller on the PS3? How about the PS4 controller on your Xbox One? This is all made possible by the Titan One. (some limitations may apply)

Here's a recently posted article comparing Rapid Fire Controllers to the Titan One.

Interested in learning more about the Titan One? Start here

Old Product Listing:

This is a send in installation service. Our professionals will install the latest Ragnarok Playstation 4 / PS4 Rapid Fire Modchip into YOUR official Dual Shock 4 controller. We will provide the mod chip for you at no additional charge. Just place your order, pack up your controller and send it off to the address we send you. Within days your controller will be back to you fully modded and ready to go!

All controllers are shipped pretested and fully functional. Includes a 1 year warranty on craftsmanship!

The Ragnarok Playstation 4 Rapid Fire Mod Chip Features:

- Rapid Fire Modes with Adjustable Firing Rates & Custom Firing Rates
- Dual Trigger Rapid Fire with Adjustable Firing Rates & Custom Firing Rates
- Jitter Mode with Adjustable Jitter Speeds - Allows weapons to shoot much faster than they were intended to shoot!
- Burst Mode with Adjustable Burst Rates (2-5 shots per burst) & Custom Burst Rates
- Turbo Melee Mode with Adjustable Delays - This significantly decreases the time you have to wait between knife presses in Modern Warfare 2 & 3, and Black Ops 2
- Akimbo Mode with Adjustable Firing Rates & Custom Fire Speed
- Drop Shot Mode with 2 Changeable Modes - This drops you to the ground as you are firing your weapon to make it much harder for your enemy to hit you!
- Quick Scope Mode with Adjustable Delay & Custom Delay - When using a sniper rifle this will scope in and fire the shot just as the gun scopes in. With the right timing and aiming this can make you a one man army!
- Fast Reload Mode with Adjustable Timing - Reload and start firing your weapon again BEFORE they can reload theirs!
- Jump Shot Mode with 2 Changeable Modes
- Auto Aim Mode
- Auto Sprint Mode - Now you don't have to mash the left thumbstick to sprint. This does it for you automatically!
- Auto Spot Mode - In Battlefield you can help out your team by "spotting" an enemy. Once spotted he will show up on your teammate's radar!
- Sniper Auto Hold Breath - This will make your sniper automatically hold his breath when he aims!
- Zombie Auto Aim - In the special zombie arcade mode, repeatedly pulling the left trigger will cause the sights to lock on to the nearest zombie!
- 10 Selectable Button Layouts - Use your favorite button layout by choosing one of the button layout modes below!

1: Default
2: Tactical
3: Lefty
4: Nom4d
5: Nom4d Flipped
6: Default Flipped
7: Tactical Flipped
8: Lefty Flipped
9: Nom4d Flipped
10: Nom4d Tactical Flipped

- Easy Factory Reset - Resets your mod back to factory defaults in the event you don't recall which modes have been activated.
- Compatible with all Playstation 4, Playstation 3, PC games
- Can be used on your Playstation 3 console with a USB cable!
- Custom Rainbow Color 4-Quadrant Indicator
- Mod switch allows you to easily change between modes or program your own custom settings

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Customer Reviews
Rating ps4 modded controller
So far works awesome very happy thxs will do business again
  Did you find this helpful?    7 of 9 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from mass. - 1/25/2014
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